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CCJ’s History

In September 2007, students began their journey at Cadet College Jhang. The faculty was busy finding boarding arrangements for the new cadets. As the first cadet college in central Punjab, spanning 90 kanals, it welcomed students from various regions of Pakistan, bringing vibrant diversity to campus life.

The chairman’s inaugural address was filled with valuable lessons for the cadets. Over time, enrollment soared, and by 2014, Cadet College Jhang had 700 day scholars and 150 residential students from across Pakistan.

In 2014, the first Girls Cadet College in Pakistan was established, attracting students from all over the country and beyond for education and training.

Several Joint Forces officers have visited Cadet College Jhang as chief guests at various ceremonies. Over the past seven years, the college has become a renowned institution, shaping raw minds into successful leaders for the Pakistan Armed Forces and other national and international organizations.