History of CCJ

Cadet College Jhang is a new venture of Imam Ghazali Education System. This institution possesses the expertise of renowned educationists as well as thorough guidance of officers from Pakistan Army, Air Force & Navy. So first here is introduction of our background.

Imam Ghazali Education System was founded by Professor GauharSiddiqui on 4th April, 1964. System was emerged as a high quality institution of learning within few years of its foundation. Imam Ghazali Education System is a dream of several renowned educationists apart from a number of Ex-Armed Forces officers who governs the body of this institute. The vision of Imam Ghazali Education System is:
“To develop an educational system for the children of Pakistan that is mostmodern, based on scientific methodology and deeply rooted in Islamic principles.The education should aim at developing the total personality of children through the training of theirspiritual, intellectual, imaginative, linguistic, scientific and physical facultiesto become successful leaders & officers in national and international organizations through quality Education.”
Since 1964 Imam Ghazali Education system is providing the quality education to the students having a chain of 26 glorious educational institutions enrolled thousands of students from Pre Nursery to F.Sc / A Level in different parts of central Punjab.

Glance over Cadet College Jhang:
On September 2007, the students trooped into the Cadet College Jhang. Faculty was busy to set about finding boarding (places selected to stay among Cadets) for their new students.
The Cadet College Jhang campus was the first cadet college in the central Punjab comprised on 90 Kanals.
The cadets from different areas of Pakistan arrived and the life on the campus started with different colors of cadets. The very first address of the chairman was full of lesson to the cadets. The time goes on and the enrollment was increased by huge number. In 2014, Cadet College Jhang had Cadet College Jhang had 700 day scholars apart from 150 residential from all around the Pakistan.

In 2014 The “1st Girls Cadet College” in Pakistan was started where the students from all over Pakistan and other countries are getting education and training.

Several Joint Forces officers had visited the Cadet College Jhang as a chief guest on several ceremonies held in the college.
Since around 7 years Cadet College Jhang has become a trademark institute for the development of raw mind to become successful leaders as officers in Pakistan Armed Forces and other national & international organizations.

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