Co Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are part of parcel of academics resulting from different inter-house events that promote health competition among the students. These activities include Sports, Debates, Essay writing, Quiz, Naat & Qirat.

Declamation Society

The Debating Society, a vibrant hub of intellectual discourse, serves as a crucible for refining the communication and cognitive abilities of students. It proudly orchestrates the ‘All Pakistan Inter-Collegiate/Schools English Debate Competition’, a prestigious event that magnetizes debating teams from every corner of Pakistan, sparking a dynamic exchange of ideas.
This platform is not just a competition, but a journey of transformation. It ignites the passion for public speaking among students, turning them into eloquent orators. The fruits of this journey are evident in the numerous accolades our students have garnered, etching the name of our college in golden letters on the canvas of debating history. Their triumphs echo the enriching experiences and invaluable skills imbibed through these activities. This is the power and allure of the Debating Society. It’s not just a society, it’s a legacy of eloquence.

Military Excursion & Educational Trips

Each year, we eagerly anticipate the excursion trips that offer a much-needed respite from the demanding cadence of our academic pursuits. These journeys are more than mere diversions; they are vital for rejuvenating our spirits and broadening our horizons.
As we step outside the confines of the classroom, we engage with the world in ways that textbooks cannot capture. Our observations become keener as we immerse ourselves in new environments, learning from the rich tapestry of life unfolding before us.


A quarterly news bulletin of the college published so that the parents and students are well-informed about the important events and items of news etc.


Annual Parents Day, Annual Sports Day, Annual & Convocation Ceremony aswell as the Passing Out Parade are the prominent features of the college. These functions give an outlet to the students for the outburst of their hidden capabilities to appear in the form of amazing talents and creativeness which are essentials of at a healthy and growing personality.

Dramatic Club

Dramatic club plays a pivotal role to stage the performance of artists which comes to the limelight through functions.

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