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Innovative Computer Lab

Innovative Computer Lab

Our state-of-the-art Computer Lab is a hub of digital learning, offering a diverse range of software to empower cadets and faculty alike. From advanced programming languages to essential office tools, we foster an environment ripe for technological exploration and innovation.

Cutting-Edge Science Laboratories

Step into our trio of science labs, where the wonders of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology come alive. Designed to exceed the Federal Board’s standards, these labs are not just educational sanctuaries but also the chosen venues for prestigious practical examinations.

Structured Evening Preparations

Evening prep at Cadet College Jhang is a testament to our commitment to academic excellence. Under the vigilant guidance of our esteemed headmasters and faculty, cadets engage in focused study sessions that sharpen minds and instill discipline.

Tailored Remedial Classes

We believe in the potential of every cadet. Our remedial classes are a nurturing ground for those seeking extra support, providing personalized attention to ensure all students can achieve and exceed their academic goals.

Comprehensive Medical

Sick Bay Health and well-being are paramount at Cadet College Jhang. Our fully-equipped medical bay, staffed by a dedicated medical assistant and supported by on-call specialist doctors, ensures round-the-clock care for our cadets.

Delightful Messing and Recreation

Our messing facility is more than just a dining hall; it’s a place where cadets can unwind and enjoy wholesome meals in a comfortable setting, complemented by recreational amenities to enrich their living experience.

Hygienic and Welcoming Cafeteria

The spacious cafeteria at Cadet College Jhang is a cornerstone of campus life. Overseen by a vigilant Cafeteria Committee, we guarantee the freshness and hygienic handling of all food items, served at fair prices.

Seamless Booking Facility

Traveling to and from the college is hassle-free, thanks to our meticulous booking system. We ensure a smooth transition for cadets during breaks and vacations, coordinating their journeys from various regions with care.

Exhilarating Riding School

Our Riding School boasts fine-bred horses from the Pakistan Army Remount Depot and top-notch equipment. Guided by experienced ex-Army instructors, cadets can master the art of equestrian during their sports period.

Diverse Evening Games

Cadet College Jhang is a playground for the athletic spirit. Our evening games span a variety of sports, from hockey to table tennis, all under the expert supervision of our coaches, fostering teamwork and physical prowess.

Lush Green Sporting Arenas

Our expansive cricket and football grounds are the green lungs of the campus, providing cadets with the perfect canvas to showcase their sporting talents and embrace the spirit of competition.

Integrated College Management

System Efficiency is key in our administrative operations. With a server-based network powering our Computerized College Management System, we seamlessly manage accounts, inventory, examinations, and admissions with precision.

Computerized Examination

System Embracing the digital age, we’ve revolutionized our examination process with computerized papers and results, ensuring accuracy and fairness in evaluating the hard work of our cadets.

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