Cadet College Jhang welcomes aspiring students from across Pakistan to join our prestigious institution. Our comprehensive admission process includes online registration, a written test, an interview, a physical test, and a medical check-up. We ensure a fair and transparent selection process, maintaining high standards to admit students from classes 2nd through 1st Year. Our diverse and inclusive environment is designed to foster academic excellence, leadership skills, and personal growth. We invite you to become part of our vibrant community, where tradition meets modern education, shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Register now and take the first step towards a promising future at Cadet College Jhang.

Admission Procedure

1. Online Registration

2. Online/Written Test

3. Interview

4. Medical Checkup

5. Fee Deposit

Eligibility & Age Criteria

To be eligible for admission, applicants must have passed the previous class by the date of admission, meet the specified age range, and be medically fit.

Documents to be Submitted

Parents must bring the following documents to Cadet College Jhang:

  • Last academic report
  • School leaving certificate
  • 2 passport-size photos
  • NIC copies of Father & Mother/Guardian
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • Recent Eye Examination Certificate

Note: Cadet College Jhang will verify all application details. Any false information may result in expulsion at any stage.

Class II: Must have passed Class I by the date of admission. – Age: 6-7 years. – Medically fit.

Class III: Must have passed Class II by the date of admission. – Age: 7-8 years. – Medically fit.

Class IV: Must have passed Class III by the date of admission. – Age: 8-9 years. – Medically fit.

Class V: Must have passed Class IV by the date of admission. – Age: 9-10 ½ years. – Medically fit.

Class VI: Must have passed Class V by the date of admission. – Age: 10 ½ -12 years. – Medically fit.

Class VII: Must have passed Class VI by the date of admission. – Age: 12-13 years. – Medically fit.

Class VIII: Must have passed Class VII by the date of admission. – Age: 13-14 years. – Medically fit.

Class IX: Must have passed Class VIII by the date of admission. – Age: 14-15 years. – Medically fit.

1st Year: Must have passed Matric from BISE by the date of admission. – Age: 17-18 years. – Medically fit.

Entry Test

Cadet College Jhang conducts entry tests in various cities across Pakistan. Detailed schedules are available on our website and at the information office. Students are admitted to classes 2nd through 9th and 1st Year.

Selection Criteria

  1. Online/Written Test
    • Passing Marks: 60%
    • Class 2nd to 8th: The test includes Urdu, English, Maths, General Knowledge, and Science.
    • Class 1st Year: The test includes English, Maths or Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  2. Physical TestCandidates must pass a physical test within the time set by the physical instructor, which includes:
    • Running (1 km)
    • Chin Ups (10)
    • Push Ups (20)
    • Sit Ups (20)

Reception of New Cadets

Cadet College Jhang warmly welcomes new entrants with a tradition of reception. The Principal greets the new cadets, and a special welcome party is held at the start of the new session. Upon arrival, cadets are provided with:

  • Boarding
  • Cupboard
  • Bed
  • Study Table
  • Mentor or Senior Cadet to guide them

Parents should obtain the following lists from the admission office before sending their child to the college:

  1. List of Items to Arrange by Parents
  2. List of Items Supplied by the College on Advance Payment

Withdrawal of Cadet

In case of withdrawal by parents/guardians, the student must pay the full fee for the quarter in which they are withdrawn. Quarterly fees are non-refundable.


Registration Open Till 01 May 2015
You can now register online through our website. The admission department will provide a test date between 05 September and 10 September.

Scholarships & Concessions

Available for 1st Year students with the following marks and corresponding fee concessions:

  • 90% and above in Matric/O-Levels: Rs 72,000 concession annually.
  • 85% and above in Matric/O-Levels: Rs 36,000 concession annually.
  • 80% and above in Matric/O-Levels: Rs 24,000 concession annually.

Additional concessions include:

  • Children of Pakistan Army, Air Force, or Navy Personnel: Rs 24,000 concession annually (submit attested copy of employee card).
  • Children of Teachers: Rs 24,000 concession annually (submit attested copy of employee card).
  • Hafiz/Hafiza Quran: Rs 24,000 concession annually (submit attested copy of certificate).
  • National Level Sports Participants: Rs 24,000 concession annually (submit duly attested documents).
  • Sibling Concession for 3rd Child: Rs 24,000 concession annually.