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Pre-Military Training Exercises

At Cadet College Jhang, our Pre-Military Training Program is meticulously crafted to prime cadets for the rigors of armed forces life. The program encompasses a variety of drills that sharpen command and leadership capabilities, fostering strategic acumen and authoritative competencies. Cadets engage in dynamic racing and robust exercises to accelerate their speed and readiness for combat scenarios, complemented by defensive maneuvers that emphasize safeguarding techniques.
Training extends into nocturnal combat simulations and specialized environmental adaptability drills, including arid desert and frigid snow conditions, to ensure versatility across all terrains. Eco-conscious sustainability drills are integrated to instill efficient resource utilization, while outdoor encampments cultivate independence and collective spirit. The regimen is rounded out with rigorous route marches, precision footwork, and synchronized arm movements that solidify discipline and unity. Assault drills cap off the training, offering practical exposure to offensive strategies. This all-encompassing approach to training fortifies our cadets with the pivotal abilities and tenacity indispensable for a distinguished tenure in the military.

Command & Leadership Exercises
Racing Exercises
Aggressive Exercises
Defensive Exercises
Night Fighting Exercises
Desert Exercises (warm weather)


Snow Exercises (cold weather)
Sustainability Exercises
Camping Out
Route Marching Exercises
Foot Drill Exercises
Arm Drill Exercises
Assault Exercises

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