Co Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are part of parcel of academics resulting from different inter-house events that promote health competition among the students. These activities include Sports, Debates, Essay writing, Quiz, Naat & Qirat.

Declamation Society:

Debating Society helps the student polish their intellect and communication skills. Under its control ‘All Pakistan Inter collegiate/ Schools English Debate Competition is regularly held at the college in which teams of debaters from all over Pakistan take part. This activity motivates the students to have the skill of public speaking. As a result, our students have bagged many positions for the college.

Military Excursion & Educational Trips

Excursion trips are arranged every year to lighten the strenuous and hectic routine of studies. These trips not only provide recreating to the students but also enhance their observation. Education trips are also arranged according to the requirement of the curriculum and the agree range of student.

College Magazine

The college encourages the growing minds through college magazine to have their self-expression. The editorial board welcomes those genuine contributors who possess a special flair for writing providing a diverse issue, ranging from social stagnation to intellectual upheaval. By doing so, they develop confidence and a sense of awareness of the unexplored territories of the world and human psyche.


A quarterly news bulletin of the college published so that the parents and students are well-informed about the important events and items of news etc.


Annual Parents Day, Annual Sports Day, Annual Debates & Parents Get Together are the prominent features of the college. These functions give an outlet to the students for the outburst of their hidden capabilities to appear in the form of amazing talents and creativeness which are essentials of at a healthy and growing personality.

Dramatic Club

Dramatic club plays a pivotal role to stage the performance of artists which comes to the limelight through functions like annual parent’s day, golden night, funfair & farewells.

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