Center Of Student Leadership

Cadet College Jhang aims to create the leadership of future. Student leadership is a vital part of Cadet College Jhang. Colleges’ Squadron system is maintained to create opportunities for the cadets to become a good leader.

The college is divided into 4 Squadrons and Each Squadron is divided into 2 Flights named:

  • BOLAN SQUADRON (Flight-111 & Flight-222)
  • CHENAB SQUADRON (Flight-333 & Flight-444)
  • KHYBER SQUADRON (Flight-555 & Flight-666)
  • MEHRAN SQUADRON (Flight-777 & Flight-888)

Each Squadron  is having 20 to 25 cadets on its roll. Each house is lead by cadets themselves to become healthy leadership of tomorrow. Each Squadron organizes its own study periods, social functions, excursions, meetings, indoor and outdoor games, etc. cadets are under the charge of a Housemaster who is assisted by Deputy Housemaster and a physical Training Master.

Inter-Squadron competitions are held in academics, discipline, games, activities, outdoor sports, athletics, drill, martial arts, debates, current affairs and cleanliness. Separate shields and trophies are awarded to winner of each competition. The College champions’ trophy is awarded to the overall Champion Squadron. These activities go a long way in promoting team work and spirit de corps.

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