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A cadet college is a unique pre-military residential institution recognized by Pakistan air force and registered with the Federal Board.

It is a private Cadet College Affiliated with the Pakistan Air Force and registered with the Federal Board of Education Islamabad.

Cadet College Jhang is affiliated with Pakistan Air Force and registered with the federal board of education Islamabad.

Cadet College JHANG provides hostel facilities students have to shift in the hostel to follow the daily routine work starting from 4 am till 10 pm.

Cadet College Jhang has separate campuses for boys and girls. Everything for boys and girls will be separate, including their dorms, classrooms, mess, co-curricular activities as well as sports.

In case, if two or more siblings are getting training at the same cadet college, e.g., brother and sister, a meeting can be arranged for them the weekend in a meeting room for about an hour at.

Admission fee one time ( non-refundable) PKR 50,000/-
Annual Fund one time ( non-refundable) PKR 5000/-
Board registration fee one time PKR2000/-
Monthly Fee ( including morning tuition fee, sports, and other allied facilities) PKR30,000/-

Admission Fee to be paid at the time of Admission ( Non-Refundable) = PKR 50,000/-

Annual Fund, to be paid every year (Non-Refundable) = PKR 5000/-

Total Fee at the time of Admission(Excluding monthly fee) = PKR 57,000/-

Total Fee to be paid at the start of every year= PKR 7000/-

Monthly Fee (including morning tuition fee, evening tuition fee, sports, and other Allied  Facilities)  = PKR 30,000/-

Note; Uniform and books to be purchased from Campus Bookshop, uniform and Stationary Fee Package( uniform, stationery, and stuff)= PKR 40,000/-

Yes, hostel and mess dues are included in the monthly Fee.

The Cadet College Jhang envisions conveying excellent quality training to its cadets right from day one. Our training carves a creed strong and confident enough to officers the responsibility of future leadership according to the teachings of Islam and equip him with the most advance and scientific knowledge to be able to face the challenges of modern life. 95% of chances are more for the students who got trained by the Cadet College Jhang as they are explicitly proposed to get ready youthful understudies from an extensive range of socioeconomics and linguistic foundations to pass the challenging physical, physiological, educational, mental, and social norms of the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB).

Cadet College Jhang provides education from 7th class up to 2nd year. And students can apply for Admission in 7th, 8th,9th  class and 1st year.

No, in Army or Armed forces, no one can get Admission without clearing the admission test. But there are 95% more chances that you may clear the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) while you have trained by Cadet College Jhang.

Parents can meet their children every Sunday at an assigned time. It is not advisable to come for meetups during this time of COVID-19 due to precautionary measures. Other than that, you can arrange a meetup with your child any Sunday by informing the office staff beforehand.

Students will receive a copy of an annual calendar upon joining the college. On average, the students will receive a long weekend holiday every two weeks, which consists of 4-5 days around the weekend. The students will also receive three major breaks during the year. Summer holidays will be a break of about two months, winter break will include ten days, and Eid-ul-Adha will be allowed ten days break. Eid-al-Fitr will be adjusted within the summer vacations as well. Also, there will be a long weekend of 4-5 days provided to the students after almost every couple of months.

Students are provided with the best quality and taste food on the campus, the same food that we provide to our prestigious guests.

Morning PT

Morning Physical Training takes place before or after Fajar, depending upon the routine according to the summer or winter season. During the morning PT, the students have to run for about 3-4 kilometers, followed by different exercises such as pushups chin-ups or other activities that are done by the students under the supervision of their PT Instructors.

Morning parade

The parade that you see on your television that comes on 23rd march, 14th august or on 6th September as well. The students are trained in a proper drill by proper instructors who have taught army Cadets as well. After a basic drill training, the students are trained a fung drill which is done with a G3, a replica of a G3 which is made of wood having almost the same weight and same shape. Our students also learn a parade with a sword, which is specific for a few students who have leadership capabilities.

Evening sports

Fifteen types of on-campus sports are available on campus, which includes volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, horse riding, badminton, boxing, gym, karate. Many of these sports have their respective on-campus instructors. Games are not considered as a time pass here; sports here are taken as classes just like physics and chemistry. Each class is taken with just as much seriousness.

We suggest that our students should select about two major and two minor sports by doing so the student can gain skills specifically in those sports at a professional level. This will allow the student to win various certificates, which will be beneficial for the student in the future for proceeding at a provincial, national level, and scholarships as well.

Students are also entertained with activities to freshen their hearts and minds, along with increasing their confidence. There are eight clubs and societies. These activities are conducted by various societies, including the Allama Iqbal adbi society, Ali Kausar Jafri debating society, mastermind quiz society, English, and Urdu dramatics club. Each society and club has its own events, competitions, and activities that are supervised by their heads. The posts of presidents and secretaries are taken up by the cadets themselves.

For example, Ali Kausar Jafri debating society has held events as vast as those with 3000 audiences along with many General level army officers, famous writers, and debaters invited to these events. Musical nights, Mushaira, and other entertaining activities are also used for the welcome stay of the guests of honor at these events, which are also enjoyed by the students.

We have made it compulsory for each student to perform in at least two and a maximum of three societies of their own choice. For example, if a student is in Iqbal Adbi society and Dramatics society, then the student will perform in both these societies. It is the duty of the college to provide the students with the necessary facilities. Our students take part in various on campus as well as out campus events. The calendar for these events is quite fruitful since it contains about 100 activities throughout the year.


The students compete on the national level, and a MUN Model United Nations type of debate is also conducted at our college within and outside Pakistan. Our best debaters or speakers of the year will be sent to Pakistan air force academy, where they will be given a lifetime experience of flying a Pakistan airforce academy. There they will be given the training to fly a two-seater plane for about 20-25 minutes. This is an experience that is only available at our cadet college.


After Dinner Literary Activity is another co-curricular activity, which will take place every Saturday night after dinner, four ADLA will take place each month. Every society will be given a chance to perform at the ADLA, where famous poets will be invited for Mushairas. Cadets, as well as staff teachers, will be given the opportunity to share their poetry alongside many of the well-known personalities.

Proceeding ADLA may be of a musical type, where musical personalities are invited, such as the Generals, educationists, Chairman, Doctors, DCO’s, DPO’s or other famous poets. These personalities dine with the cadets and give them precious pieces of advice for their fit ire life. During an ADLA, the participation of every student is compulsory for the sake of his or her confidence.

Our cadet college follows the federal board of education Islamabad since our college is affiliated with the Pakistan air force. According to the requirements of the Pakistani air force, we follow the federal board of education Islamabad. The basic difference between the federal boards from other boards is that it is a more conceptual study board rather than just cramming of books. We teach our students the best concepts and cover every single detail since our board requires us to do so.

The students and teachers live within the same campus; hence, they are free to discuss any topics during their free time even after the classes. This will make it easier for the students to clear their concepts and excel in their studies.

At our Cadet College, we follow a morning teaching schedule along with evening academies as well. The students will have proper coordination with the morning as well as evening education allowing the students to study with coordination with their academy education. For availing this facility, we have the same staff for both morning and evening sessions. This is very beneficial for the students.

For example, if the student is taught a single chapter during the morning class, then in the evening academy, the student will have a test or activity regarding that same topic.

Students are given at least one test per day, and a monthly and weekly report will be generated. This report will be compared by the teachers to prevent downfall for any student. We also have terminal exams, three months before the final exams, the course of completion for every subject. This time of about three months is used for revision and other tests.

The minimum level of education that is needed by the teachers is MPhil, with at least five years of experience. We have teachers of Ph.D. as well, with up to 25-30 years of experience. Most of our teachers are civilians with a vast amount of experience and grip on their respective subjects.

The training staff includes the faculty members, college principle, commander trainer, housemaster, drill instructors, PT parade instructors, sports teachers are all retired from the Armed Forces. They have the training related to the armed forces due to their experience in the Armed forces; hence they provide the Cadets with the best training.

According to the policies, there are strict rules for the institute.

 As said “ discipline matters,” so it is not allowed, so there are rules to follow

  • 1st there is inspection for the student luggage, as if it is found within it, its carried ou.t
  • If it is caught, there will be strict punishments, and red strips are given to the student.
  • Any physical activity is not allowed.

  Note : 3 red strips are given to the students are eligible to expel out by the institute

No Android cellphones are allowed in the institute, but only small ones ( for calls only) are allowed, which are submitted to the housemaster.

  • Boys are allowed to call at Sunday for given hours only
  • Girls are allowed to call on Saturday for given hours only

Note: if there is any phone caught, it is broken at the time immediately

There are dormitory room

  • full air-conditioned rooms
  • 24 bunker style beds
  • cupboard and trunk is given (in changing room)

Note: students of same age groups are allowed only

Cocurricular activities provide mentioned below

  • Sports
  • Parade
  • Physical therapy PT
  • Quran class
  • Five times Namaz

Facilities provided

  • Three times mess is provided
  • Tea break
  • Waiters are provided for kitchen and dining
  • Washerman are provided for washing
  • Housemaids are provided for maintaining rooms

Routine is started from 4 to 10, and it includes

  • Namaz fajr
  • Quran class
  • preparing time
  • PT
  • parade
  • Breakfast
  • Off time
  • Namaz duhr
  • Lunch
  • Rest
  • Namaz Asar
  • Sports at evening
  • Tea break
  • Namaz Maghrib
  • evening classes
  • namaz Esha
  • lights out

Debates and dramatics and Saturday Sunday activities are mentioned in the prospectus( competitions)

The cadeT institute is very safe and guarded as

  • The boundary wall is present
  • the camera is mentoring from 3 to 4 places
  • housemaster monitoring
  • security guards at each gate and corners

Started at 2007 and 1st batch graduated  at 2011 alumni are present at

  • Civil
  • Army
  • Multinational jobs
  • University teaching
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain sub
  • leuiftinent

Alumni are also called upon at functions for their carrier speeches

Educational and recreational trips are provided with facilities based on their carrier


  • airbases trips
  • Universities trips
  • Labs trips

Recreational trips

  • Nationally and internationally, Recreational trips are arranged( charges apply).

War exercises ( SURVIVAL courses)

  • Camping is also organized for the training of students given with tasks

All these trips are arranged under seniors supervision with presentations and live explanations

There is a 24/7 medical facility provided to the students by professional medical dispensers, and proper wards and hospital consultations are there for student care.

There is a 24/7 generator facility that provides electricity to the campuses continuously.

There are 20 to 25 average boys student in the middle level and There 25 to 35 in intermediate class

There are 10 to 15 average female students in the lower level of classes with

20 to 30 in the intermediate class.

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