Student Affairs

Cadet College Jhang has its council comprising 20 members. College council manages all day to day affairs of the college. The college council fosters the comprehensive growth of students, their academic success, and community development by providing learning opportunities and experiences as well as essential services for all members of the College community. Some of the services and opportunities provided by the division include:
Supporting all the students, faculty & staff.
Intercollegiate athletics teams of students.
Housing and Residential life programs for the cadets.
Religious services and spiritual support for different denominations.
Career support for cadets after F.Sc/A’ Level.
Campus conferences and events, such as Family Weekend and Commencement, as well as summer camps and programs.
College Council is dedicated to making the Cadet College Jhang experience the best it can be for each student. College Council oversees a variety of division- and campus wide committees. These committees discuss policy and make recommendations, develop educational programming, provide training opportunities, and create awareness on their specific topics.

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