Inside College Life

1. Residential Life

Cadet College Jhang is a residential institution and guarantees each of its student’s on-campus housing for the entirety of their educational career.

Around 175 students live on campus in 27 traditional residence rooms. Each of these rooms offers housing a combination of single and double beds. There are also a limited number of standard triple bedrooms. 2 Halls are reserved for students with special needs.

The Office of Residential Life has 6 full-time residence officers who live in the residence halls and apartment areas along with the students. We also employ 15 mess staff, 10 security guards, 3 peons who live on the campus residential area and generally serve as a resource for the residents living in their area. In addition to these live-in staff members, the Residential Life office employs other staff as required.

2. Art & Culture



Cadet College Jhang has 2 TV rooms separate for Girls & Boys where the cadets can watch the programs on selected channels under the supervision of instructors.


The art gallery is full of showcases student and faculty art as well as works by different people. Cadet College Jhang arranges exhibitions of art & fun as a co-curricular activity.

Cadet College Jhang has its own dramatic society which produces its plays on different events. The play’s the thing at Cadet College Jhang whether you’re backstage, center stage, or in the audience, you’ll find a show to suit your tastes and talents.


3. Co-curricular& Service Activities


  • Enhancing Classroom Learning

Cadet College Jhang has an impressive variety of cocurricular activities, and a great number of them are open to all students. In fact, just about every discipline has an affiliated club that gives you experience and encouragement as you’re working toward your degree.


  • Community Service

Cadet College Jhang has a tradition of community services. Whether it was earthquake of 2005 in northern areas of Pakistan or Keeping different causes in mind including environment, pollution, greenery & human rights, different kinds of walks are arranged outside the campus.

  • Computing

Computer lab & access to computers are open round the clock when school is in session. Trained faculty is available to answer any computer-related questions students might have. Cadets have access to internet and internet blogging services to maintain their activities at campus.

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